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The following is a list of non-player characters in the game Arcfall.

A full category of NPC's can be found here

Bankers[edit | edit source]

Name Profession Area
Jack The Banker Banker Port Tauranga

Southern Gate

Merchants[edit | edit source]

Name Profession Area
Borus The Blacksmith Blacksmithing, Refining Port Tauranga

Southern Gate

Betty The Cook Cooking Port Tauranga
Darwin The Mage Magery, Cartography, Alchemy Port Tauranga
John Cloth Maker Tailoring, Leather Works Port Tauranga

Southern Gate

Randall The Archer Archery, Bow Making, Fletching Port Tauranga
Ralph The Cleric Cleric Port Tauranga
Ralph the Woodcutter Carpentry Southern Gate
Riad Town Clerk Merchant (Housing) Port Tauranga
Ronan The Stablehand Merchant (Mounts) Port Tauranga
Sally The Gardener Farming, Gardening Southern Gate
Soran the Masoner Masonry Southern Gate
Marcus The Carpenter Carpenter Southern Gate
Marcus The Leather Maker Leatherworker Southern Gate
Morgan The Armor Smith Armor Smith Southern Gate

Quest Givers[edit | edit source]

Name Profession Area
Rodan The Hunter Huntsman South Oakwood